Monitor and control
the quality of aggregates

For aggregates and ballast industries, size distribution is a critical parameter determining their economic value. More importantly, when a third party is involved, it becomes paramount to ensure the quality of incoming supply.

LaserSieve can measure not only the sizes but also the throughput of these aggregates in movement over the conveyor belts and provides a new way of quality control saving time and additional costs

Aggregates Production

METHEORE facilitates quality control with its online monitoring solution LaserSieve for aggreagtes industry

METHEORE has been serving the aggregates industry and specializes in quality control of the aggregates sizes. The online dashboards helps the client to detect any deviations from the stipulated ranges.
  • No crash stops for sampling
  • Avoid poor quality aggregates
  • Penalise third party for shortcomings
  • Detect screenoverloading or damage
  • Blending optimization
  • Stockpile management
  • Separate resusable ballasts
  • Save time and costs

Digitalized way of Quality Control

Delivering impact for aggregates operations across Europe
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